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Spinchboard solo is a fingerbord for climbers of all skill levels. The ability to attach the grip board in two ways allows you to change the difficulty of the grips as you note your climbing progress.

The Spinchboard Solo is a clever training device that will be useful in the home of every climber. The Max Climbing grapple model will be suitable for both beginners and highly advanced climbers. The grip board may be suitable, for example, for people implementing solid training, who, after noticing the progress of their form, will be able to increase the difficulty of edges and holes. It is enough to rotate the grips 180 ° to make training much more difficult.

The Spinchboard Solo has a lot of edges and holes with which you can recharge more than just your fingers. The grip board can help build strength in your forearms. The model is made of wood and has polyurethane panels on the edges for better friction. A wooden grip board makes training less damaging to the skin, and training sessions will last longer. Work on the weaknesses of climbing form in the comfort of your home and give yourself a chance to train when you do not have time to go out to visit your favorite boulder or climbing wall.

Additional information

Weight 2.9 kg
Dimensions 66 × 14 × 4 cm

Max Climbing




Max Climbing


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