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Beastmaker 1000

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Beastmaker 2000

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Y&Y – Belay glasses Classic Steel Gray

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Women's Hiking shoes

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Women are spoilt crazy with the ever-increasing number of choices of trekking shoes available online. You might have liked a pair’s design and color, and decided to buy it without much research; but end up regretting your decision as the hiking shoes turned out to be useless for the purpose you bought them for! If you are wondering how to choose the perfect hiking shoes for ladies, then you have to take the trek, weather, trail condition, as well as the duration into consideration. If the weather is warm and the terrain is dry, you can wear low-ankle hiking shoes. Cold, wet and rugged trekking conditions call for trek boots with waterproof and breathable fabric, and anti-slip soles.

Those women who love the great outdoor walking know just how important it is to keep your feet warm, dry and supported during a hike or climb. We really understand this too, which is why our excellent range of women’s hiking shoes ensures you can find exactly what you need. A good pair of hiking shoes on shopoutdooronline should be fully supportive, help with traction as you traverse a range of terrains and also be able to withstand the elements just walking. Our popular hiking shoes are both breathable and waterproof and along with all our shoes, come in a choice or low or mid cut design. A pair of waterproof Trekking shoes for ladies means you can walk or hike for as long or as little as you please, and still have warm, dry and cozy feet when you get home.