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Esbit Aluminium Cookware 3 Standard

The Esbit Aluminum Cookware 3 Standard cookware is a practical tourist set that you can use during camping or longer trips in the field. The whole is made of safe materials that can come into contact with food and do not adversely affect their taste and smell.

The Esbit Aluminum Cookware 3 Standard set includes the most important dishes and accessories that will help you prepare a wholesome meal away from civilization. Their advantage is the possibility of packing one into another and placing them in a practical mesh cover. In this way, you will get a compact package that will fit in a tourist backpack or allow you to attach it to the outer walls.

The pots and pans are made of light and solid anodized aluminum, which has a positive weight-to-strength ratio. This material has also been free from harmful BPA compounds that adversely affect our health and the environment. The Esbit Aluminum Cookware 3 Standard set also includes functional cutting boards, a gripper that allows you to carry hot dishes, a cloth and a lid. The latter is compatible with both pots and pans.

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