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Metolius Chalk Block 57 g

Climbing chalk

The #1 selling brand of climbing chalk in America

The perfect way to keep your hands dry, even on the toughest roads. Magnesia is appreciated by both professionals and beginners.

The American brand Metolius has been providing climbers with quality climbing equipment for many years. This product is produced by a magnesia manufacturer. The search for the perfect one started years ago resulted in the Metolius Chalk magnet.

Magnesia is a mandatory supplement to supplement everyone, regardless of their stage of advancement. Magnesia in Metolius Chalk Block quickly and effectively replenishes its supply. It is made of 100% carbon carbonate. They provide access to information that may be available on the smallest files. Magnesia is easy to apply. the configuration in the cube allows it to be crushed in the preparation from the relief option.

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