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Esbit alcohol cookset 985ml

A compact tourist set consisting of a pot made of high-quality stainless steel, a spirit burner and an aluminum solid fuel holder. The material from which the set was made determines its low weight and high durability.

The handles attached to the vessel are foldable, which has a real impact on minimizing the space taken up in the inventory. There is also a damage-resistant embossed measuring cup on the pot, allowing for precise dosing of the contents. Maintaining the temperature for a long time, but above all faster boiling, is facilitated by an additional raiser in the form of a smaller pot, which, thanks to the handle, can be easily put on or taken off.

The fuel base, which is also a cover for the heat generated by combustion, fits freely in the pot, thanks to which the saving of space in the inventory becomes even greater.

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Weight 1 kg





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