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Maxgrip training holds are very often chosen by climbers who work intensively on their form. This is why the natural consequence of the appearance of the classic version was the development of a wooden alternative. It is a perfect solution for all lovers of ecological products, as well as all climbers who like training on wooden holds that are less invasive to the skin of the fingers. The set can be hung in the training room, in the garage or even on a tree, thanks to which it allows for effective training almost anywhere.

Wooden Maxgrip Hybrid training holds have a very characteristic shape, the contour of which has also become the brand\’s logo. The thoughtful design allows for 6 different grips, which differ in the level of difficulty. Thanks to this, the training device will be suitable for both very experienced and intermediate climbers.

The use of lines allows for many different exercises. The simplest of them are traditional overhangs or pull-ups, which, depending on the grips used, may have a very different difficulty. The quick adjustment of the length of the lines also allows the asymmetric hanging of the holds, which will increase the level of difficulty and provide new challenges. Maxgrip Hybrid can be hung both higher and very low, which allows you to perform many exercises to strengthen antagonistic muscles and work on correct posture (TRX functions).

The Hybrid model is made mostly of rubber wood. It is characterized by very high endurance and works great during long training sessions. The sides of the grips are made of durable plastic, which is used in the production of traditional climbing grips.

Maxgrip Hybrid training holds are maximum versatility closed in minimum dimensions. An excellent choice for all climbers who want to constantly improve their skills.

Max Climbing Maxgrip Hybrid key features:
– Made mostly of durable rubber wood;
– 6 possible holds, from simple to very demanding;
– Fastening with lines allows you to perform dynamic exercises;
– They allow you to train general strength, fingers, forearms;
– Quick adjustment of the length of the lines allows for a large variety of exercises during one training session.

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Weight 2 kg

Max Climbing




Max Climbing


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